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SoLo Funds Hires New Chief Design Officer

Business Wire - April 30, 2019

“Taylor brings a wealth of knowledge and prior experience that immediately gives SoLo’s design team more credibility. Design not only facilitates easier, quicker transactions, but also builds trust among and between our users. Taylor’s guidance will play an integral part of keeping the platform simple, relatable and progressive.”


Closing the gap: How to overcome obstacles as a female entrepreneur

Bank Rate - April 17, 2019

Co-founder and CDO Taylor Bruno of SoLo Funds, says, “As a female co-founder in the predominantly male-led tech industry, I’ve worked for the last 10 years in close proximity to the challenges facing female entrepreneurs.” She says her approach has everything to do with relationships.


SoLo Funds reaches $2 million worth of loan transactions in 11 months

Proactive Investors - April 16, 2019

SoLo Funds Inc CEO Travis Holoway tells Proactive Investors the California-based peer-to-peer lending platform company has processed $2 million worth of loans since it was launched almost one year ago, providing users with loans less than $1,000.

Where customers are also lenders: One fintech's payday alternative

American Banker - April 6, 2019

SoLo Funds specializes in small-dollar loans with a $1,000 cap, allowing consumers to act both as lender and borrower. It's a market generally viewed as underserved given that banks generally avoid small-dollar loans because of compliance concerns. Travis Holoway, SoLo’s co-founder and CEO, started the company last year after he saw the relatively high fees and interest rates charged by many payday lenders.


Interview: Travis Holoway, CEO & Co-Founder of SoLo Funds

IdeaMensch - March 18, 2019

"Get comfortable with being uncomfortable because it’s critically important for both personal and professional growth.” Travis Holoway is the co-founder and CEO of SoLo Funds, a mobile lending exchange that connects lenders and borrowers for the purpose of providing more affordable access to loans under $1,000. SoLo was created to disintermediate the predatory payday lending system. Today, SoLo is one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the country."

An App For Borrowers Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Forbes - August 21, 2018

How does SoLo work? Potential borrowers are vetted with a scoring process that includes information like cash flow history, as well as social data, such as how many friends someone has on Facebook. Borrowers and lenders also provide access to their bank accounts, to make money transfers easier and automatic. First-time borrowers can take out a maximum loan of $200. If they pay that off on time that limit increases to $500 and then to $1,000.


How Digital Disbursements Tools Are Changing Low-Dollar Lending

PYMNTS - August 2, 2018

“Technology like Venmo and Cash App have made it really easy for people to ask for money because it’s no longer a convoluted process,” Holoway said. “I just assumed there had to be someone using the same technology for lending, but when I looked for that solution, I couldn’t find it. What we’re trying to do is bring that technology to lending.”

SoLo Funds gets $1.2M to expand its affordable loaning platform

Know Techie - April 5, 2018

In addition, most of the times these financial instruments are not focused on small amounts, which is not useful for people going through a short financial struggle. In order to solve all these issues, we have SoLo Funds, a lending exchange that allows people to obtain loans of small amounts (under $1,000).The idea for SoLo came from the fact that its founders were often faced with loan requests of small amounts from their family and friends. Realizing that there are currently a lot of ways to easily send money to any two people, they tried to find a solution that made these loans possible but was not successful.