Become a Lender

I use SoLo to build a secondary income outside of my 9 - 5. It’s a good way to help someone out and make a little extra cash.
— Jamarro M.

Earn Money

By making loans to borrowers through SoLo, you can earn appreciation tips for helping others during financial hardship. Just browse through the Marketplace, find some loans that meet your lending criteria, and send the funds. When the borrower pays you back, the funds and agreed upon appreciation tip will be sent directly to your bank account. It’s that easy.

Social Impact

Give back to someone less fortunate through financial collaboration. 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and many people don’t have friends or family members to borrow money from to cover emergency expenses. These people are not lazy or uneducated, they are our kids’ teachers, social workers, military personnel, single parents, and young professionals with student debt.

Lend Directly

See where your money goes for full transparency. SoLo allows you to view a host of information, including past loan repayment history, before confirming your loan. Our sortable Marketplace displays a variety of borrower dimensions like tip amount, loan reason, and payback date, allowing you to focus on the criteria most important to your lending decisions.


No minimum requirements, lend what you want when you want. If you’re intrigued by a loan but want to modify the terms set by the borrower, you have the power to make a counter-offer. You’ll also have full visibility into the loan’s status throughout the process, and will receive proactive updates from the SoLo team.