Become a Borrower

Great for when you’re in need of a little extra cash. I only wish SoLo was around when I was in college!
— Sammy P.


SoLo provides access to the most affordable loans in the market. We don’t add any surprise fees or compounding interest, which means there is no debt trap to run up the amount you owe. Unlike predatory lenders, our lenders want to help you succeed, not squeeze you for personal gain.

Your Terms

When you request a loan, you have complete control over your terms. You set the loan amount, lender appreciation tip, and a payback date that works for you. Flexible terms allow you to create a loan that makes sense for your specific needs. Borrow what you need, when you need it, on your terms.

No Application

Get money faster without going through a formal approval or denial process. Secure a loan the day you sign up and start using SoLo on the go via our mobile app. You’ll verify some information to keep you and our lenders safe and quickly be on your way to becoming an active part of the SoLo community.

No Hidden Fees

We make everything clear so you know where your money is going. You’ll know exactly what you owe and when to pay it back so that you can properly budget your income. We even offer free financial literacy courses where you can learn tips on budgeting, contributing to your savings, and more to help you take control of your finances.