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Pros & Cons - Secured Credit Cards

What is a secured card anyways? A secured credit card is largely similar to prepaid debit: Both are issued by traditional creditors and require an upfront investment by their users. By depositing funds from a non-credit bank account (or, in prepaid debit's case, cash or check at your bank's branch), you provide the financial institution collateral that eliminates or mitigates their risk. Read on to find out more about this unique type of credit option.

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4 Top Guidelines For Successful Lending on SoLo Funds

New to lending on the SoLo app? Our Marketplace is a platform that empowers lenders to utilize a portion of their uninvested savings in an unconventional way. We have seen accomplished lenders use our platform for many reasons since our launch in 2018— the two main ones being to help others and to enjoy a good financial return. The most successful power-lenders on SoLo have maintained a portfolio with limited defaults, and we connected with some of them to gather their best tips and strategies to guide you as you begin your lending journey.

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