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SoLo Funds vs. Payday Loans - 4 Reasons Why SoLo Is Better

Let’s face it — no one likes taking out a loan. It’s often a stressful experience, and it can be an expensive one too. SoLo’s mission is to empower underbanked individuals that are at an economic disadvantage due to the established norms of the finance industry by offering affordable options for short-term loans that have never been available before. SoLo does this by pairing borrowers on the app with lenders who want to use their discretionary capital to help those in need while making a reasonable return on their money. Read on to find out how SoLo is disrupting the payday lending industry through a more modern, more convenient, more socially responsible lending service.

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4 Top Guidelines For Successful Lending on SoLo Funds

New to lending on the SoLo app? Our Marketplace is a platform that empowers lenders to utilize a portion of their uninvested savings in an unconventional way. We have seen accomplished lenders use our platform for many reasons since our launch in 2018— the two main ones being to help others and to enjoy a good financial return. The most successful power-lenders on SoLo have maintained a portfolio with limited defaults, and we connected with some of them to gather their best tips and strategies to guide you as you begin your lending journey.

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What Is SoLo Funds?

We’re an app. We’re a Marketplace. We’re a facilitator. But first and foremost, we’re here to help. SoLo is a mobile lending exchange that connects lenders and borrowers to provide affordable access to loans under $1,000. We've already helped more than 100,000 people through hard times by providing a tool for them to secure the short-term cash that they need. Our app is free to download and request loans as a Borrower, or fund them as a Lender.

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