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5 Steps To Increase Your Financial Security Online

As the global economy moves towards a more tech-based financial system, individuals need to re-think the ways that they are protecting themselves from data breaches, phishing attempts, and malicious actors in general. Although daunting if you’re not used to thinking about your personal cyber security, there are a variety of simple steps you can take to make sure you’re safe and set up for success in the newly-online financial world.

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The Rise Of Alternative and Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Lending

There are many different financial options on the market — home loans, car loans, student loans, borrowed capital to get a small business off the ground — and without them, so many essential transactions and businesses struggle to take shape. However, most of these options only help companies or individuals making large purchases. For decades, banks and other traditional financial institutions have held a virtual stranglehold on the lending landscape, but that’s all changing as services such as SoLo Funds use the power of peer-to-peer lending to give individuals access to emergency funds at the tap of a button.

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Ethical Considerations in the Fintech World

Technology has changed the world in many ways over the past few decades, and the financial sector has been one area that has seen some of the greatest leaps forward. Not only are old processes and schools of thought being upgraded to modern standards of speed and convenience, but entirely new products and markets have emerged. However, with all these changes come new questions of ethics and responsibility. So where does that leave fintech products and companies?

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