Connecting lenders & borrowers to affordable access to loans under $1,000.


Access for all

78% of American workers live paycheck to paycheck, often forced into taking loans from family, friends, or payday loans that average 400% APR. Our mission at SoLo is to provide affordable access to loans for those in need by connecting borrowers to lenders through our mobile Marketplace. Lenders earn “appreciation tips” while borrowers set their own payback terms. It’s a win win for everyone.


SoLo Score

FICO scores don’t tell the whole story. The SoLo Score can help. We take various types of information into account to help determine a Borrower’s creditworthiness.

Gift a Loan

Feeling generous? Make someone's day by choosing to gift a loan to a Borrower without requiring repayment.


You're in good hands. We use bank-level security encryption and do not store or sell sensitive information.

Early Payback

Pay back your loans early without any penalties or added fees. Doing so will help encourage Lenders to continue funding your future loans.

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Be a Lender

Make Money | Earn appreciation tips for helping others during financial hardship.

Social Impact | Give back to someone less fortunate through financial collaboration.

Lend Directly | See where your money goes for full transparency.

Control | No minimum requirements, lend what you want when you want.



Be a Borrower

Affordable | Cheaper than a payday loan.

Your Terms | You set the lender tip and payback date.

No Application | Get money faster without a formal approval process.

No Hidden Fees | We make things clear so you know where your money is going.


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